Once the ancestral estate of local Anuradhapura nobility; this hotel in Anuradhapura features a 150-year-old mansion at its centre, with 20 private ecologically-built villas spread across 58 acres of lush greenery. As one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, with its own solar farm generating half of its own energy requirements, Ulagalla is truly a unique boutique hotel.

Imagine a little ‘palace’ all to yourself. King sized beds, the softest linen, the fluffiest pillows, comfiest sofas, cool wooden floors; and space to breathe, space to stretch, to allow yourself to indulge in all the luxury within it. Each chalet is a sanctuary to hide yourself away from the cares of the world and be treated like royalty. Each one is a special place to take refuge in, be surrounded by beauty and feel at one with creation itself. Which view would you like to admire: A lush green paddy field, an enchanted forest, or the still expanse of a lake? Whichever you choose, you have a wide terrace and picture windows to feast your eyes from here at Ulagalla, definitely one of the most unique of all the hotels, in Anuradhapura.

Enjoy a fine dining experience in the main restaurant or choose to dine on your own private deck or in the paddy fields. Whether it is haute cuisine, spicy rice and curry or a simple salad; everything is prepared to your liking from the freshest of ingredients: from fruit and vegetables grown in the farm garden, to paddy threshed from the organic gardens and fields.

Screened from the world and its cares, the unique spa is built to resemble an underground cavern of perfect tranquility. Greenery surrounds you from everywhere; a gentle waterfall cascades over the roof like a misty curtain dipping into pools of floating water lilies. Lying quietly in this serene world, the wonders of spa therapy are yours to experience. From a simple massage or beauty treatment to a full course of therapeutic care to rejuvenate yourself from top to toe.

Enjoy the riches of the kingdom or a nature based adventure while immersed in luxurious, ecologically-sustainable beauty. Visit Ulagalla Resort with close proximity to Sigiriya to sample the best of Sri Lankan hospitality and to experience unparalleled luxury.

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