About Us

Travel Design is a specialized and dedicated team of experts targeting the Free Independent Traveler (FIT) segment in care of Connaissance De Ceylan, a brand that has been in the market for 34 years and counting. With a focus of providing a personalized journey, Travel Design aims to fulfill all traveler needs with excellence.

Travel Design by CDC provides with personalized journeys that are memorable and great as destinations. The guests visiting through Travel Design means discovering a world within a world that is perfected with experience and fine-tuned with knowledge where 34 years of experience come into play. Capturing every moment of your journey to offer you  the ultimate satisfaction with highest level of quality and comfort. We as a team work every detail to be incorporated into your tour plan that leaves you off planning and sit back and enjoy the experience.

Our Team

Chandra Wickramasinghe

Project Introducer (Initiator)
Chairman of “Connaissance De Ceylan (Pvt) Ltd.

As the founder of Connaissance De Ceylan, it gives me great pleasure to see that yet another phase of our travel services has come to life with the product Travel Design by CDC. Having been involved in the leisure industry for 34 years, my goal has always been to provide you, the traveler, with the best solutions for your travel requirements. I hope that your stay in Sri Lanka is a pleasurable combination of relaxation and discovery.

Chamin Wickramasinghe

Director, CEO

Travel Design by CDC was conceived as a means to further facilitate your travel and holiday plans in Sri Lanka. Having been with Connaissance De Ceylan for many years, it is indeed a pleasure to be a part of this new initiative. As the CEO for Travel Design I will be overlooking the smooth running of the new division and assist the brand to reach the markets smoothly and as well as strategically.

Daham Rajasekera


I am and have always been a passionate traveler. And this has been my motivation to help the like-minded. I strive to provide a service of excellence; the same excellence that I would expect from a DMC as a traveler. I pay attention to every minute detail in an itinerary and ensure every tour curated by us is savored as a memory. Marco Polo once described Sri Lanka as “undoubtedly the finest island of its size in all the world” and I believe that as an advocate of travel, it is my duty to help the world experience the beauty of my country.

Maxime Wickramasinghe

Attaché to the board of directors

Lorenzo Ferreira

Assistant Manager

The thing I love about working with the team Travel Design is that here, we make things happen! All the members of our team are passionate about what we do and we enjoy curating experiences for travelers who visit Sri Lanka. I work with the Italian clientele and my proficiency in the language helps me better understand my clients and provide my best service. My satisfaction is knowing that at the end of the day my clients have experienced a unique and comfortable stay in this beautiful island that has much in offer for everyone.

Maheshi Lankadikara

Junior Executive

Being part of a dedicated team is my greatest motivation to work with Travel Design. As the name itself implies, my work scope literally involves ‘designing’. For me, each vacation we craft from the scratch is a piece of art. I enjoy painting little elements of the final master piece, adding colours to the most unusual areas, and fine-tuning the whole design. Real joy comes when we receive the guest compliments; to be the reason behind their smile of satisfaction and to know that they lived a wholesome experience outside home. Those for me, are the real fruits of our labour!

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