Being the capital of the southern region, Galle proudly stands tall with a great history and culture that dates back to 6th Century BC. The port was well established and popular for the Silk Route of ancient Ceylon and in Biblical times Galle Fort was the “Tarshish” of King Solomon and during the times of Portuguese Colony in Sri Lanka, the access point of the Portuguese in Sri Lanka was Galle where the troops entered the island by force in 1587 and captured the Island and there after the Dutch gained control over Sri Lanka in 1640 it is with the modifications by the Dutch Galle Fort won over many visitors belonging to many nationalities that called Galle the only “Dutch Fort” remaining in the whole of Asia.

Walks inside the Galle Fort is well recommended during the evening or early hours to learn about the various architectural sites and interesting historical sites that can enlighten your knowledge about the site and to be able to take back a story that can be shared with your family and friends.

Some of the most interesting activities to experience whilst in Galle is the mask carving experience, cookery demonstration to master the famous “Lump rice”, Cycling through the villages, visit to Rumassala Mountain, Unawatuna Beach, Galle National and Maritime Museum, Yatagala Temple, Samakanda, River Safaris, Koggala Lake and Galle International Cricket Stadium overlooking the mighty Galle Fort.

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