Maalu-Maalu Resort and Spa

Imagine a quiet getaway by the sea far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Feel the soft, warm white sand as you go barefoot in paradise! Delight in the gentle coastal breeze as it sweeps all around you, while the inviting turquoise expanse of the Indian Ocean calls you forward. Enjoy the stunning backdrop of coconut palms, white sands, wooden decks and a seemingly endless azure infinity pool.

It is a place of calm and serenity. Welcome to Maalu-Maalu Resort & Spa.

Nestled on the center of the beautiful Pasikudha Bay on an untouched stretch of white sandy beach, Maalu-Maalu Pasikudha offers you the perfect escape by the sea. Our Pasikudha hotel brings an authentic Sri Lanka resort experience of the sights, sounds and lifestyle of the locals.

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