Why Travel Design?

Having travelled the length and breadth of the beautiful Island paradise of Ceylon, our team of experts include travel counsellors, tour guides and chauffeur guides who are chosen with great care and are given extensive training and development. Our handpicked guides will help travellers be at ease and become someone they can rely on. Our guests would leave the country with great friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

Under the care of Connaissance De Ceylan, a world renowned brand that has served the its most valued guests for a period of over 30 years, together with an extensive portfolio of hotels, Travel Design offers an exclusive experience as a lifestyle brand providing travellers with unique luxury tours in Sri Lanka.

Not only do we promise to plan the best vacation ideal for your requirements, we also work to keep your satisfaction at the highest level. Go on a journey and experience the essence of ancient Ceylon with us and become a storyteller to friends and family back home.

Travel Design by CDC – Essence of Excellence!

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