Sigiriya Rock Fortress dating back to the Mesolithic era was first inhabited nearly five thousand years ago as a Rock Monastery before King Kashyapa seized the throne from King Dathusena following a coup assisted by Migara, the King’s nephew and army commander in 477 CE. Moving the traditional capital from Anuradhapura to safer Sigiriya was further developed to be the throne of King Kashyapa as a complex city and fortress.

The impressive atmosphere of Sigiriya, one of UNESCO World Heritage sights and as well as a World Wonder, stands in its pride with a famous Sigiriya Frescos that is being visited by many guests from all over the world and to learn about the eventual fate of King Kashyapa. The boulder gardens, water gardens and the very structure of the Fortress depicts the skills of ancient engineers of Sri Lanka and the water ponds that are active during the rainy season confirms the stability of such masterpiece.

Best Times to visit Sigiriya is early morning before 7:30 hours to avoid the hot sun and to avoid climbing the same in the evenings. The entry ticket to Sigiriya remains at USD 30 per person which can be either pre booked or purchased at the entry counter.

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