Jetwing Yala

Jetwing Yala a beacon of light in the deep South with a combination of awe-inspiring wildlife, a wellness center, unparalleled beach access and a commitment to sustainability. Not only is the hotel situated next to one of the best wildlife destinations in Asia, the Yala National Park, it also hosts one of the largest privately owned solar parks in Sri Lanka and features recently developed beach access complete with a mini-bar, lounge area and manned by internationally trained lifeguards.

 The food is superbly delicious and caters to diverse palettes. From a night of fine dining to an al fresco lunch or bite by the pool, Jetwing Yala offers a variety of options by which to indulge your culinary desires. The taste of world cuisine or specialty Sri Lankan fare is brought right to your table by the team of professional chefs.

Indulge your taste for modern luxury combined with safari chic in the peaceful and hospitable environment that is Jetwing Yala. The tastefully designed rooms are decorated in earthy muted tones with a splash of red and green to accentuate the colors of the wild. At Jetwing Yala each room has a balcony or a terrace.

The spa rejuvenates your mind, body and soul while the natural habitat will help you reconnect with nature. Jetwing Yala is a hotel which seeks to heal both the environment and the individual.

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