Hakuraa Huraa Maldives

Pristine white tent-roofs, a layered blue ocean and half a kilometer long jetty greet you as you land on Hakuraa Huraa, a destination designed for the intimacy of romance and the quiet kind of rejuvenation. To attempt to describe this island’s many breathtaking elements wouldn’t do them justice – get here, breathe in the magic and let it put a spell on you. Meaning ‘reef above water’, Hakuraa Huraa in the Meemu Atoll and about 148km from Malé welcomes you with layers of color from the lagoon, reef and deep blue sea surrounding this romantic destination.

Rooms are designed to perfection with the idea of experience and privacy in mind. The iconic tented roofs of our 80 rooms house every comfort you will desire.  Make your way through the leafy pathways at Hakuraa Huraa and discover Beach Bungalows perfectly nestled in the foliage, yet offering great views of the lagoon or walk to the edge of the island and stay in one of the  Water Bungalows on stilts with private decks and stairways leading directly to the ocean. Tasteful and minimalist white rooms come with just the right slash of color and comfort to become your private haven from the moment you walk in and settle down.

Succulent meals, delicious cocktails and star-class gastronomy combine to make Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa’s food & beverage service an incomparable experience. The Crab is a specialty seafood restaurant located at the far end of the island providing easy access to most Water Bungalow guests. 4-course seafood meals, lobster specials and other a la cart meals are prepared with the utmost care and consideration of your taste buds. Wake up in the wee hours and take a walk to NalhaFalhu Lounge & Bar and watch dawn break over this hemisphere or head out after dinner for some drinks by the ocean and under the stars. Live music performances each evening turn the bar into a relaxed but lively atmosphere and the drinks are most certainly to die for.

Walk into this no-traffic, no-noise resort and escape the bustle of the city within seconds of arrival. Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives is made for new lovers and old romances, mixed in with a dose of paradise.

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