Amaya Hills

Nestled in the picturesque hill top, Amaya Hills proudly sets the benchmark for resorts in Kandy. Built along the lines of a Kandyan Palace (Maligawa as locals call it), this beautiful resort is a tasteful mingling of Kandyan culture paired with the trimmings of contemporary luxury. The resort overlooks the Hanthana mountain range and is the perfect location for crimson sunsets.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Kandyan architectural concepts and motifs, the 100 rooms housed at this resort offers stunning views of the forest-covered hills of Heerassagala and the scenic valleys beyond. From floor to ceiling, every room brings a unique take on modernistic luxury interspersed with Kandyan culture. Rooms are accented by heavy wooden carvings – a characteristic trait among ancient Sri Lankan artisans.

Be it at the resort or outside, there is so much for one to do. From trekking up the Hanthana mountain range, indulging yourself to some ayurvedic spa treatment or exploring the city and its surroundings, you will have plenty to do.

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