Virgin White Tea

The essence of Camelia sinensis known as tea is the Deoch an Doris of Ceylon which will be served to every home guest in delicate flower patterned cups and saucers which is truly a divergent elixir that is blended with a magic to reawaken the soul with a single sip. Decades ago when the emperors ruled China, there was a ritual to delight the emperor and the imperial court members with the virgin tea in golden chalices. Aberrance of this celestial ritual is not that the tea is presented in aureate cups but the process of making tea. As the dawn came virgin damsels cut the tea leaves with golden scissors and stowed them in golden bowls for the exclusive serving. Without letting the history to be graved with the charms of modern luxurious life rhythms Mr. Herman Gunarathne, the connoisseur of the Herman tea factory gave birth to the virgin white tea manufacturing process at the Handunugoda estate nestled in the coastal realm of Sri Lanka, the queen of alluring islands.

The Tea appreciation walk at Handungoda tea estate is designed to inculcate the globe with tea culture. Tarry by the garden early in the morning and you will get the chance to commingle with the ladies in white to try plucking the buds yourself. A guided tour around the garden will allow you to get familiar with White tea harvesting, Green leaf plucking and Rubber tapping. Horse Rides around the greenery is one of the fabled favorites among the tourists arriving to island. You can also compete while making plucking baskets with coconut leaves and win tea packs as special gifts. Thereafter have a homely welcome at the proprietor’s bungalow to have a tasty treat with chocolate cakes and a sizzling cup of Oolong tea. Walk through the Tea Factory and Tea Museum where you can taste over 30 different varieties of tea including the legendary virgin white tea which can only be purchased at The Parisian tea salon “Mariage Freres International” other than the factory premises. Take your exquisite memories home with gift packs picked from a medley of tastes to match the seasons before concluding the journey.

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