Pigeon Island National Park

Being one of the most significant marine national parks of Sri Lanka, Pigeon Island National Park boasts of some of the unseen and unmatched coral reefs of Sri Lanka together with marine beauty and marine life that can be explored over a short snorkeling trip to the National Park, easily accessible whilst visiting Trincomalee. The Island’s name was derived from the herds of pigeons that have colonized the area for years and years that depict the identity of the region. The national park contains some of the best remaining coral reefs of Sri Lanka.

The national park consists of two distinctive islands named large pigeon island and small pigeon island where the national park is located in the dry zone of the climatic significance and as a result large herds of pigeons circulating the area and coral’s reef’s vegetation being dominated by Acropora spp. with some Montipora spp. Faviidae, Mussidae and Poritidae species.

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