Moon Plains National Park

Moon Plains National Park, a Journey to the Centre of the Earth brings together a mid-point surrounded by all major mountains of the hill country where a mini safari to the center of the world takes place through the beautifully landscaped savannah and grass lands full of cattle. As you reach the center of the mountain, where it’s called the Moon Plains, a 360 view of the surrounding mountains namely; Kikiliyamana Mountain 7339 feet, Single Tree Mountain 6890 feet, Great Western Mountain 7257 feet, Kirigalpoththa Mountain 7835 feet, Thotupola Mountain 7737 feet, Hakkgala Mountain 7110 feet, Namunukula Mountain 6667 feet and Pidurutalagala Mountain 8281 feet.

Moon Plains national park is a lesser known hidden gem of Sri Lanka that invites and promotes the scenic beauty to be experienced by guests from all over the world that guarantee a breath taking view from the top on a sunny day.

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