The name “Negombo”, first used by the Portuguese, is still found to have remaining of structures belonging to the Portuguese Era, the religion-wise, Catholicism is made popular among the villages due to Portuguese influence also known as “The Little Rome”.

The beachside of Negombo, with Golden Sandy beaches, the beautiful light green and blue shores with bright blue skies allows a splendid moment for any nature lover to capture the beauty of earth.

Earth includes of four major elements, Water, Fire, Earth and Air. The best combination of Earth, Water and Air is at its best in Negombo, this can be added with a bon-fire at the beachside with your friends, chill out and relax, enjoy delicious plate of Sea food, with a spicy dish of Crab, calamari at its’ best, shrimps and fresh fish bought at the Negombo fish market. The lives of most villages depending on the day sale at the fish market count the lives of their families, school children and infants.

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