10 tips to make your journey a memorable one

“Travel is better than to Arrive” It is the Journey that matters, not the destination. Travel Design by CDC aims to create journeys that lasts a life time that are as good as destinations !!!”

#1: Enjoy a dip in a waterfall

We arrange day visits to waterfalls, such as Katabulla Falls, located in Harangala, Nuwara Eliya road, where you get to hike up to the mid point of the falls, enjoy a glass of wine or local spirits and sit back and enjoy time with nature and even enjoy a dip !!!

#2: Try out some Sri Lankan dishes

The best recipes are yet hidden in the rural villages of Sri Lanka. The culinary arts of Sri Lanka runs down to many generations and each province denotes a special blend of flavors, spices and aroma. Not to forget to try a crab curry specially made in Jaffna, Batticaloe or Trincomalee.

#3: Visit a tea field and factory

Some would say visit a Tea Plantation, but I would say visit a plantation, a factory, take part in the tea grading, blending and sorting process, observe the variations of aroma, color and blends that can be made out of a single leaf tea. It is the beauty of nature and art of a skilled tea taster that can create the perfect blends !!!

#4: Live the life of a Planter

Have you experienced the life of a planter? Imagine the beautiful scenery out the window as you wake up only after a restful sleep amidst the tea carpeted mountains, to wake up to the aroma of tea and to sit and taste the breakfast made by your own butler that is set up against yet another breath taking scenery. This can only be made possible with Nuwara Eliya bungalow visit.

#5: Experience Luxury Glamping

Ever Experienced Glamping? Its the best of Sri Lanka to enjoy the life with wild life and nature that invited you to indulge in camping yet modern, cozy yet comforting and you would want to freeze the time and enjoy the very moments of life that is calm and breath taking.

#6: Visit Adam’s Peak

Most people would hike Adam’s peak just in the season, but off season the journey is much exciting and adventurous. Adam’s Peak is known for the magnificient scenery created with sun rise in the early hours. The feeling cannot be explained in words and so is the hike !!!

#7: Enjoy the lesser known gems

The Adisham Bungalow is only just one lesser known off the track locations that most guests would miss out on. Enjoy the walks in the farm lands, visit the old church and the Adisham Bungalow not forgetting to purchase the in house made jams and cordials.

#8: Enjoy a Train Ride in the Hills

The Steam Train is back!!! Being the only available engine ever produced by the British Colonies, the unit is not even available in England which attracts many guests to experience the steam train which is available in April and August each year for the season !!! This can be chartered as well.

#9: Find Yourself

Master the Art of Remaining Calm through a set of traditional yet experienced palms that allows you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul that helps forget the worries of the busy and hectic world and spend some quality time for yourself.

#10: Paint your own mask

Relive the moments of childhood as you create and paint your own wooden mask, just the tradition of the locals in the South. Not only you get to carve it, but also learn about mixing colors, and take home mask just for you. This can be exciting and enjoyable !!!

December 17, 2016
Editorial Team – Travel Design by CDC

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