Have you been to the center of the world ?

Truly Magnificent, Truly Inspiring !!!

The beauty in life cannot be touched or heard, but it can only be seen with your own eyes, no pixel range can capture the divine beauty it brings, breathtaking views where one can sit and enjoy for hours.

Surrounded by Kikiliyamana Mountain 7339 feet, Single Tree Mountain 6890 feet, Great Western Mountain 7257 feet, Kirigalpoththa Mountain 7835 feet, Thotupola Mountain 7737 feet, Hakkgala Mountain 7110 feet, Namunukula Mountain 6667 feet and Pidurutalagala Mountain 8281 feet lies the “Center of the Earth”, or commonly known as “Moon Plains”. Little did I know, “Horton Plains” was the highlight of Nuwara Eliya, how quick it was to cut short the drive, cut short the walk to be at the “Center of the Earth” took only 30 minutes jeep ride through the plains where it’s called Moon Plains.

The view point at the very center gives you a 360° view of the surrounding mountains of the hill country and is ideal for photographic moments to capture beauty of life that cannot be experienced otherwise.

As you arrive at the top of the plains, enjoy a 5 minute walk to the watch tower where you can sit and enjoy a snack whilst enjoying the true beauty and scenery from the point which was declared open on 25th March 2014. Moon Plains, a mini safari to the Center of the World will take you through green fields full of cattle, deer and wild boar that add to the wilderness. Sri Lanka is blessed with many hidden gems that bring about the best of our Island Paradise that is yet to be discovered, yet to be explored and most of all yet to be experienced !!!

December 16, 2016
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